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Our Services

Laser Cutting

At YMI Industries, our advanced laser cutting technology offers precise and versatile solutions for your projects. Whether you need intricate patterns or precise cuts in a wide range of materials, our laser cutting machines can handle it all.

Metal Stamping

At YMI Industries, our metal stamping services provide precise, efficient and repeatable solutions for creating custom metal components in a high volume.

Press Brake Bending

At YMI Industries, our CNC Press Brake department is capable of producing high tolerance and repeatable parts for your project. With a wide variety of tooling and multiple machines we are able to complete your project efficiently.

Tool & Die

Our tool and die services provide you with the essential tools for metalworking. We offer expert craftsmanship in designing, producing, and repairing tools and dies for various applications.

Welding & Fabrication

Our welding services are backed by years of expertise. We offer a wide range of welding solutions for different materials and applications, ensuring strong and durable welds.

Turning Machining

The right application can be accomplished quickly and precisely on our CNC Lathes. YMI Industries can produce your product quickly and accurately when you start with round or hex stock.

CNC Machining

We have several machines at YMI Industries that can mill your part to spec with great precision. We are able to machine a diverse range of materials and also handle heat training “in-house” to finish your product.


Our prototyping services help you bring your ideas to life. We offer rapid prototyping solutions to quickly turn your concepts into tangible prototypes for evaluation and testing.

Custom Services

Our customer services cater to your unique fabrication needs. We offer customized solutions, including design, engineering, production and finishing options to meet your specific requirements. We are your one-stop shop!