Laser Cutting

We use several different CAD and 3D CAD programs to make sure we can import and process your drawings as quickly as possible, no matter what type of CAD system you are using! If needed, we can work with you as you design your parts, including drafting or solid modeling services, and then creating your prototype parts.

With our experience and expertise we are about to get the highest yield and best quality of cut on your part on your customer supplied or our internally sourced materials for your project.

When you contact us, we also can help you determine the best edge finish for your parts. This is one of the services many laser cutting machine shops don't provide. The edge finish is different depending on the cutting gas used. (CO2, Nitrogen or Oxygen).

Either using CO2 or Fiber laser cutting technology we are about to cut:

Mild Steel – Up to 3/4" (.750”) thick

Aluminum – Up to 3/8” (.375”) thick

Stainless Steel – Up to 5/8” (.625”) thick

*Utilizing our fiber laser technology we are able to cut other materials such as brass, copper, and titanium.